Saturday, June 5, 2010

Geoff Hudson is... Benjamin Netanyahu!

Geoff Hudson is really... Benjamin Netanyahu. A part-time Prime Minister of Israel, it is well-known by close friends and relatives that Netanyahu spends most of his time on internet chat-boards discussing Flavian conspiracy theories. Uri Berezovski, 'The Kosher Sausage Vendor of Tel Aviv', can recall the time that the Prime Minister ordered a sausage from him-with melted cheese strictly separated from the sausage. Just as Netanyahu was about to leave, the Prime Minister leaned forward and whispered to Berezovski, 'The Flavians live on in Gaza and it is my divinely appointed task to destroy them all!' Then, according to Berezovski, he added the spine-chilling words, 'Nya ha haarrr!!!'

Sounds like the M.O. of Geoff Hudson to me.

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